What do I need to know about marketing?


Marketing is not always fun but it is a necessity for any successful business, large or small. Without marketing, whether word of mouth, print, digital or any of the many other options, business would not grow.

  1. Marketing requires hard work. When trying to build your brand it takes time and a lot of effort.  You have to do your research and follow up on each and every campaign. Some will fail and some will succeed and you have to determine what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Marketing requires consistency. When building your brand you must be consistently putting your brand in front of people. You must have a strategic plan that gets you recognized. Apple, Coke, Pepsi, Dell, Facebook, etc. did not become icons by putting their brand out occasionally. They do it consistently.
  3. Marketing requires strategy. You must know your market and who your ideal customer is. Then and only then can you put together a workable strategy.
  4. Marketing requires commitment. Yes, the “C” word. you must to be committed to long term projects. Building a brand takes time and effort. Brand recognition doesn’t happen with one campaign. Nor does it happen over night.
  5. Marketing requires risk taking. Sometimes outside the box means going back to tried and true but one must be willing to step out and take the chance.There are no guarantees with marketing. Every campaign is a risk. Will consumers accept it and recognize it? One never knows until they try. The risk is lessened if the proper research and planning have been done but it is still a risk none the less.

Paula Wynn is the owner of Wynn Strategies, LLC; a Virtual Assistant company with experience in real estate. Paula’s expertise includes social medial/digital marketing, transaction management, listing management, and graphic design. Wynn Strategies, LLC strives to provide the best possible service while also getting results to help you grow your business.

Paula Wynn


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