What do I need to know about marketing?


Marketing is not always fun but it is a necessity for any successful business, large or small. Without marketing, whether word of mouth, print, digital or any of the many other options, business would not grow.

  1. Marketing requires hard work. When trying to build your brand it takes time and a lot of effort.  You have to do your research and follow up on each and every campaign. Some will fail and some will succeed and you have to determine what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Marketing requires consistency. When building your brand you must be consistently putting your brand in front of people. You must have a strategic plan that gets you recognized. Apple, Coke, Pepsi, Dell, Facebook, etc. did not become icons by putting their brand out occasionally. They do it consistently.
  3. Marketing requires strategy. You must know your market and who your ideal customer is. Then and only then can you put together a workable strategy.
  4. Marketing requires commitment. Yes, the “C” word. you must to be committed to long term projects. Building a brand takes time and effort. Brand recognition doesn’t happen with one campaign. Nor does it happen over night.
  5. Marketing requires risk taking. Sometimes outside the box means going back to tried and true but one must be willing to step out and take the chance.There are no guarantees with marketing. Every campaign is a risk. Will consumers accept it and recognize it? One never knows until they try. The risk is lessened if the proper research and planning have been done but it is still a risk none the less.

Paula Wynn is the owner of Wynn Strategies, LLC; a Virtual Assistant company with experience in real estate. Paula’s expertise includes social medial/digital marketing, transaction management, listing management, and graphic design. Wynn Strategies, LLC strives to provide the best possible service while also getting results to help you grow your business.

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What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?


A GOOD virtual assistant can:

Save you MONEY – no employee related expenses such as: taxes, insurance, benefits, office space, equipment, supplies, and you only pay for hours worked.

Save you TIME – you are free to focus on listings, closings, networking and prospecting.

Enhance PRODUCTIVITY – you pay only for the hours worked therefor the job gets done faster. You are able to reach goals faster because you are free from the desk work.

Saves your SANITY – a virtual assistant can take the load off and give you the confidence and peace of mind that everything is still being handled. A good virtual assistant gives you the assurance that you can spend time doing other things and the job is still getting done.

Paula Wynn is the owner of Wynn Strategies, a Virtual Assistant company with experience in real estate. Paula’s expertise includes social medial/digital marketing, transaction management, listing management, and graphic design.

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Is it time to hire a Virtual Assistant?


How will I know when it is time to hire a virtual assistant? I have 5+ listings. I need to spend my time in front of customers and potential customers, not behind a desk. I want to continue to build my business and my brand.

I need to:

  • enter listings into MLS.
  • blog on my website
  • share my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and
  • create virtual tours for my listings and share them on social media
  • manage my transactions/listings
  • design flyers
  • create a contact list and maintain it

But, I don’t have time to do it all and service my customers.

If this describes you then you need my services. You need someone who understands what needs to be done and gets it done without being told. You need a virtual assistant who knows how to not only do these things but do them properly.

Paula Wynn is the owner of Wynn Strategies, a Virtual Assistant company with experience in real estate. Paula’s expertise includes social medial/digital marketing, transaction management, listing management, and graphic design.

Twin Hooks


Tools of War

http://asia-sale.international/product/twin-hooks-shuang-gou-highest-quality-rangetwin hooks

The twin hooks are a hooked sword pair used by the Shaolin monks of China. The twin hooks were wielded with incredible speed and accuracy, made even deadlier by the intense training of the monks. Every inch of these weapons were deadly: the hooks to pull away shields and slice enemies, the backs of the blades to slice as a normal sword, the crescent blades on the hilt to punch and slice, and even the spike on the bottom of the hilt for stabbing.

twin hookstwin hooks

some might ask why Shaolin monks, who are peaceful by nature, create weapons? self-defense is the answer. The monks were constantly harassed by bandits seeking to steal what little riches the monks possessed. In order to prevent this, the monks put as much time into creating weapons and training with them as they did their study of Buddhism. This dedication to creating perfect weapons to match…

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The Ballista


Tools of War

The ballista was an ancient equivalent of a mounted machine gun: it was stationary, accurate, fast, and deadly. very VERY deadly. It was created in ancient Rome but first became common under the rule of Alexander of Macedon and again later by Julius Caesar. The ballista was basically a large mounted crossbow (crossbows hadn’t been invented).

boltsongrass A set of the smaller dart-like bolts

Before the ballista, the bow was the main long ranged weapon which is why the ballista is very similar to one. The ballista has many advantages over the bow such as its range. Unlike the bow which was all one piece, the ballista has two separate arms powered by twisted rope torsion coils. These coils gave the ballista much more power and therefore range than a bow. This increase in power also enabled much larger projectiles. It fired bolts (spear-like arrows), either shorter dart like bolts for accuracy or larger spear…

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Exciting Day


Today was a very exciting day. Not because I got a big job promotion, or got married, or had a baby or any other major life changing milestones but it was exciting. I accomplished something I never thought I could. Most of us have something we really want to do in life but are afraid to take that leap. Afraid to fail, afraid to succeed. Well I leaped and I am so glad I did. I decided I wanted to learn a new set of job skills. I was not required to learn them for my current job but I knew if I did a whole new world would open. I have MS and focus is a major struggle for me. Oftentimes I start projects a don’t finish. I give up because it takes me longer than most and I loose interest and I struggle with retention. Well last night it happened. My world opened up in two ways. My new skill set earned me acknowledgment from my boss and also a contract with someone else. I decided I would teach my self this new skill at my own pace in my own time. I truly didn’t expect to accomplish it because of past experience, (aopinionatedman had a little to do with that). For some reason I stuck with it and the feeling I have just for seeing that goal to fruition is amazing. A whole new world has open up and I am ready to conquer it.

Take that leap!

I have to thank my husband for suffering through this process with me. He is my motivation, my rock!